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mScales stands for ease of operation. At best, it takes less than a week to have the world’s most accessible material flow control system up and running. 

 As a safe and secure cloud-native solution, mScales is future-proof. After a simple setup stage, it works as a plug-in for your ERP and other systems, with seamless and effortless integration, through a user-friendly mobile user interface. 



While digital transformation takes giant leaps, many weighing systems still work on old platforms, causing a great deal of manual work. Connecting different touchpoints and fixing legacy software is difficult and slow. Getting control of material flows in the logistics chain is complicated – and achieving transparency in weight-based value streams is almost impossible.


At the same time, the focus on sustainability, safety, and trackability has led to stricter regulation. Old weighing systems face tough challenges as forward-looking companies need transparency in reporting and compliance. 

Most importantly, messy and complicated legacy systems result in unnecessary costs to businesses every day. A crazy amount of manual work is needed to get around system-level faults and mismatches in industrial weighing. Outdated weighing and measurement of material flows is a real threat to companies’ profitability. 


mScales – Digitalizing weight-based material flows  

mScales is a turnkey solution to bring industrial weighing to the digital era. At best, it takes less than a week to have the world’s most accessible material flow control system up and running. mScales dramatically enhances the efficiency of industrial weighing operations by automating critical weight-based data flows. The secure and resilient system is easily scalable to meet your changing requirements as it operates in the cloud. 


Traditional weighing system

Old-school weighing systems are a patchwork of diverse and often incompatible bits and pieces. Outdated scale systems do not enable free data flows. As a result, businesses and their stakeholders lack real-time visibility into material flows. This slows down analysis and decision-making – resulting in a low level of flexibility and efficiency. 



mScales weighing service:

  • Order and contract management, tracking of outcomes
  • Service weighings and self-service weighings
  • Sending pickup codes and receipt codes for use in the supply chain
  • Management of receipts, shipments and internal transfers
  • Flexible event tracking and tracing
  • Environmental, energy, business park, warehousing, production, origin and event reporting and material obsolescence monitoring in accordance with local laws, regulations and certifications
  • Warehouse management, product management, vehicle and transport unit management
  • Acceptance inspections, quality inspections, sampling and analysis
  • Sharing information for billing, the supply chain and customers
  • Flexible and customizable customer-specific process
  • The same application also works in the field and on mobile devices
  • The mScales weighing service can be integrated into the control of the ERP / CRM system
  • Scale equipment management, condition monitoring, diagnostics and remote maintenance

mScales mobile:

  • The user can weigh easily and with guidance on different types of scales
  • Electronic weighing receipt, transport documents, movement documents and verification with signature
  • Customizable data collection for reporting and ERP systems
  • Photographing loads. Viewing and saving documents.
  • Control of gates, booms and equipment
  • Stock records, receipts, sampling records
  • All devices have one and the same application that can also replace different physical tags, such as weighing cards and tags

Connect your scales to mScales 

Easy to use with Internet browser on mobile devices

Weighing tickets, receipts and reporting up to date also for stakeholders

Flexible and versatile weighing processes with type-approved and verified devices

Data transfer to business systems through the API

Professional Service Desk and scales for remote maintenance

Secure and continuously evolving digital service with a monthly fee


Decide you want to gain better control of your material flows

Contact us – we’ll help you to assess your needs

Activate mScales

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