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Metsäsairila Oy is a waste management company owned by the City of Mikkeli in Etelä-Savo, whose primary task is to organise waste management under the Waste Management Act, which is the municipality's responsibility. The company operates a sorting and recycling centre and three small waste collection stations. With the help of mScales the municipal waste management company has gained greater flexibility in its operations and improved the use of its resources.

In 2021, the Kieppi recycling hall, which serves both consumer and business customers, was completed in the area and has sorting points for different types of waste. The centralisation of waste management increased material flows, and the company needed efficient, modern weighing solutions to manage them smoothly. Both private consumers and entrepreneurs can use the Kieppi recycling point with a piece goods fee. Larger loads coming to the recycling station often go through the weighing of truck scales either to the hall for waste sorting or directly to the sorting benches area. Currently, the digital mScales weighing service is connected in the area's vehicle scales as well as the three-wheeled station loader scales.



The new three-bridge vehicle scale also makes it possible to sell weighing

Metsäsairila uses two Tamtron vehicle scales, which are connected to the digital mScales weighing service. A new three-bridge HCT scale is located upon arrival at the site, making it easy for long trucks to use the scale.

Metsäsairila built a long three-bridge HCT vehicle scale as a market scale, and at the same time the weighing system was renewed. The company's previous system began started to be at the end of the road. In connection with the purchase of scales, Metsäsairila wanted to update a new, more modern program, which is why they used mScales. mScales also reduces the need for manual work, as the load is weighed by the driver. This frees up the operator's time for other tasks and minimises the risk of human error

Metsäsairila's selection criteria were also the continuous development of the digital weighing service. In mScales product development, the weighing service is constantly being developed, so that the development of the service benefits all customers and users. 


mScales improves efficiency at the recycling station 

The best benefit for Metsäsairila is the mobile weighing, enabled by the mScales service. Mobile weighing frees up weighing operators' working time for other tasks and allows drivers to perform weighing independently on their mobile devices

"The freed-up resource has been used for other tasks, so we have achieved cost savings," says Operations Manager Olli Siekkinen.

Metsäsairila has also been able to utilize the vehicle scale by selling weighing services to other companies in the industry. External weighing services for customers can also visit the area, so with the help of mScales, the company can now offer weighing services to them as well.

"We can provide our standard suppliers with weighing codes. This frees up access to the site and means that deliveries are not tied to our opening hours," Siekkinen sums up.

With the gate control function included in the mScales add-on modules, the gates of the recycling area can be opened remotely. The loader driver can also perform gate control directly from the cabin, using mScales as a mobile system. The gate control system has enabled flexible opening times and guaranteed smooth movement in the recycling area. Especially in winter, when the recycling area's driveways are clear of snow, smooth movement around the area is essential.

The electronic transfer document required by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment in 2022, certified with electronic signatures, can also be easily obtained from mScales. Separate paper printouts will no longer be needed, and the data will be transferred to the authority register up-to-date and error-free.


Loader weighing can also be done conveniently with a mobile device

Metsäsairila has also connected mScales to three-wheel loader scales. Connecting the loader scale to the service now enables the driver to do all loader and scale weighing's on the go. Weighing is smoother when all types of waste and container transfers can be done more easily with weighing codes.

"When goods move in different containers, we are able to monitor stock transfers and balances all the time. Weighing is really fast and easy, you just prepare the product and drive to the scale. This only takes 20 seconds, you continue your journey again and the weighing is done. We have been satisfied with the ease of the service, the self-service and the fact that the information travels immediately, says Jorma Lampinen, the driver of the wheeled loader.

The continuous development of mScales helps customers 

As a municipal operator, we naturally have to consider the choice of different suppliers. We chose mScales because I was impressed by their customer service and sales. I felt the business was right for us and had confidence in the project. In my role as contact person, our cooperation has been flexible. mScales also has the advantage of a constantly evolving service."

"The mScales team has a dedicated contact person assigned to us to facilitate communication. He knows our needs and problems and can answer our questions quickly. Our long experience with Tamtron tipped the scales in your favour, so to speak!" sums up Siekkinen".

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Metsäsairila Oy is a waste management company, whose basic task is to organize waste management that is the responsibility of the municipality according to the Waste Processing Act.