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Ideal Partner Profile: Who benefits most from our collaboration?

We are seeking partnerships with companies specializing in solutions and services related to weighing equipment and technology. Our ideal partners include suppliers of weighing solutions, companies dedicated to the maintenance of scales, providers of services related to weighing equipment, and firms that sell weighing systems.

Additionally, we value collaboration with suppliers of specialized or niche ERP systems, as well as providers of general ERP and business management systems. We believe that partnering with these companies will enable mutual growth and success, offering advanced solutions to meet the challenges our customers face.

How to become a partner?

Becoming a partner with mScales starts with a simple step: share some basic information about your organization and what you aim to achieve in your business. Once we know a bit about you, the next step is to book a meeting with one of our specialists. During this meeting, we'll explore how mScales can fit into your business model and discuss ways we can help you expand and enhance your services. Let's start this journey together and see how your business can grow with mScales. Fill the form:

Fill the form:





Business systems and consulting partners: 

Integration platforms partners:

Weight indicator integrations:


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