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You can easily connect your scales to the mScales service and business systems using the Universal Weighing Gateway.

mScales connects your weighing systems to a user-friendly digital platform. After the setup stage, it works as a plug-in for your ERP and other systems. The Universal Weighing Gateway is secure, and all data connections to the Internet are encrypted. The Universal Weighing Gateway enables the connection of all types, brands and models of scales to cloud services.


The Universal Weighing Gateway is easy to install and commission with the help of instructions and technical support services. It is a maintenance-free device with a long lifecycle. There are 3 different versions of the device (Standard / Mini / Vehicle), depending on the use and environmental conditions.


mScales_UWG_Standard_400px (1)


mScales_UWG_Mini_400px (1)


mScales_UWG_vehicle_400px (1)


Scale types (e.g.)

Vehicle scale, loading scale, belt scale

Laboratory scale, analyses scale, floor scale

Onboard scale, loader scale

Environmental conditions

Outdoor and indoor, ‑25...40 ºC, IP65

Indoor, 0...40 ºC, IP30, RH 0...95%

Cabin, ‑30...60 ºC, IP30, RH 10...90%


Wall, pole, table

Wall, table

In-cabin installation area

Enclosure material



Aluminium alloy


400 x 250 x 120 mm

122 x 215 x 50 mm

150 x 135 x 55 mm

Power supply

Plug, 230 VAC

Plug, 230 VAC

24 VDC

Wireless connections


- 4G/LTE

Ethernet ports

1 x RJ45 (10/100M)

1 x RJ45 (10/100M)

1 x RJ45 (10/100M)

Serial ports

2 x RS‑232

2 x RS‑232

2 x RS‑232

Digital outputs

2 x (traffic lights control, gate/beam control)

- -



A217019 A215216


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