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mScales connects your weighing systems to a user-friendly digital platform in a flash, bridging a gap in system and business digitalization – bringing tangible financial benefits.


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Old way

  • Outdated systems, scale-specific desktop software and hardware, maintenance and security issues.
  • Siloed and fragmented, each site has its own data and methods, measurement results not integrated into sales and purchase orders (PO). 
  • Labour intensive, systems only for on-site use by local staff.


mScales is the digital turnkey solution that helps you to control weight-based material flows:


Automating weight-based material flows brings instant and tangible financial benefits,
thanks to reduced manual work, increased speed, and improved efficiency.

A digital weighing solution connects all kinds of industrial scales – even the 20-year-old
ones – to the same digital grid as other business and logistics systems. The key is to
digitalize and connect all touchpoints with each other, from single weighing transactions to data storage, analysis, and regulation-compliant reporting.

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