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Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY) provides municipal water and waste management services and environmental information to the residents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The need to switch to a digital weighing system arose when the old weighing system did not meet the reporting requirements set by waste legistlation. To address this challenge, HSY implemented the mScales weighing solution.


"We have a long and fruitful partnership with Tamtron, having worked together for twenty years. They supply us with weighing systems, and our latest project was the launch of the mScales weighing service. The transition to digital weighing in our organisation has been a significant project, which was implemented in three phases," says Operating Engineer Anna Nevalampi from HSY.



Accurate data and advanced reporting with mScales

Tamtron provides HSY with a complete weighing solution, including the weighing scales, maintenance and service and the mScales weighing service. The introduction of digital weighing has made HSY's everyday life easier in many ways, and the drivers also benefit from the electronic transfer documents.

"With mScales we have been able to improve our operations significantly. Previously we used paper-based transfer documents, but mScales has brought our operations into the modern age by providing a cloud-based solution. We had two different sites with different weighing systems and wheel loader weighing solutions. mScales has allowed us to integrate all systems into one database, which has facilitated reporting, material flow tracking and inventory accounting across the organisation," says Anna.


Digital weighing service enables real-time monitoring of loads

According to Nevalampi, mScales has helped HSY, above all, to improve the efficiency of the weighing stations. The automated weighing service makes material flow monitoring easy and reduces errors in manual work.

"Electronic transfer documents and the possibility to integrate mScales into our own billing system are innovations that have significantly facilitated inventory management. Previously, data was collected in various Excel spreadsheets, but now the data is automatically stored in the cloud, making reporting smooth and reliable. The move to mScales has also been a significant innovation for customers, who can log into the digital service and monitor their own loads in real time," says Anna.

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HSY's key stakeholders also benefit from the modern weighing solution

The introduction of mScales has modernised HSY's operations and its positive effects are also visible in the daily lives of its stakeholders. The automated weighing solution has freed resources from manual weighing work to other essential tasks within the organisation.

"I can sincerely recommend mScales to others in the industry. It has proven to be an excellent solution for us, our customers and our drivers. mScales is fully customizable to meet our customers' needs and we are continuously developing it in cooperation with Tamtron. mScales is easy to use and provides reliable data for material flow management and environmental management," Anna concludes.



Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY) is a municipal groupthat provides municipal water and waste management services and information about the Helsinki metropolitan area and the environment. HSY also produces regional and environmental information on issues such as air quality, climate change and housing. It is the largest water and environment operator in Finland.