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The cooperation between the Port of Kokkola and Tamtron Precision had already started over a decade ago when the weighing scale systems of the port's cranes were renewed. In early 2020, cooperation was deepened with the acquisition of a vehicle scale. The scale owned by the operator had come to an operating end life, so a functioning scale had to be acquired, and the associated digital system. Tamtron Precision's products solved the problem.

“In addition to the acquisition and construction of a new weighing scale system, the selected scale emphasized the need to obtain a system that serves the needs of the operators and the port. In addition, the training of personnel carried out by Tamtron Precision and the smooth implementation of the system were key issues why the co-operation was deepened”, says Jyrki Roukala, Development Manager for the Port of Kokkola.

Truck scales and digital weighing service make the Port of Kokkola more efficient

The weighing service is intended for determining the load. In order for the customer to load the correct amount of cargo, it must be able to be done reliably. Central to a weighing system is that it is data-efficient and functionally efficient.

mScales is a new type of digital weighing service piloted by Tamtron Precision, which combines weighing and business systems into one complete entity. The mScales weighing service automates the weighing process, and the weighing is managed in real-time. All information related to weighing is easily available to all stakeholders and users.




“mScales has changed our day-to-today work in the port so that we can now transcribe weighing tickets. The digital mScales system considerably reduces the need to visit the site and facilitates the upkeep of the maintenance of the transport register”, says Jyrki Roukala and continues:

“In the future, it will be possible to place similar Tamtron Precision scales in the port area. When the scales have the same software, it is much easier to implement the following weighing services”.

Port operator Oy Otto Roden Ab operates in the Port of Kokkola. Production Manager Kimmo Satomaa has been satisfied with Tamtron Precision's weighing scale systems, he has a long experience with its products.

“When the old scale needed to be modernized, at that stage we started to think about jointly purchasing a new weighing scale together with the Port of Kokkola. The challenge was to get the cargo determined as accurately and efficiently as possible, because we have weighing events very frequently. Tamtron Precision's weighing system enabled the weighing of several orders at the same time and their management with easy reporting. Now we can perform all operations really efficiently on the new scale, ”says Kimmo Satomaa, Production Manager Oy Otto Roden Ab, and continues:

“Our business has the concrete benefit of being able to operate from several different locations at the same time and with multiple orders at the same time. The browser-based mScales system allows you to work from many different locations. The staff no longer have to be on duty next to the weighing scale!”

Port operator Oy Otto Roden Ab (Rodén Shipping) offers customized port operator and factory services. In Kokkola, they offer stevedoring services, internal transport between the port and the large-scale industrial area, and goods handling related to the operation of production facilities.