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Nordkalk is the leading supplier of limestone-based products and solutions in Northern Europe, but also has great influence in Central Europe. The company transports huge amounts of raw materials and products every year, which requires a seamlessly functioning logistics. The international company has found a working solution in mScale's digital service to streamline logistics processes and improve security in the business.

mScales has given us the opportunity to see the wholeness of our systems when it comes to weighing different things. Previously, we did not have a unitary system, but we have found a system that is easy for everyone to use, and we can use it at all our locations regardless of country," says logistics manager Carl Johan Salomonsson.



The first-class mScales-system make logistics uncomplicated

Before the introduction of the service, Nordkalk used different logistics systems in different locations. mScale's first-class service helped the company unify business practices while offering new in-depth information about customers, suppliers and the company itself. Digital weighing service can be integrated into the control of the ERP/CRM system and seamlessly shares information for invoicing, supply chain and customers. Special emphasis has been placed on the weighing codes, which has made logistics management much easier. Now drivers can easily, safely and independently collect and load the delivery using the pickup code.

"mScale's system gives us the opportunity to use weighing codes. It means that every transport and every unique delivery goes via that code, which means that when the driver comes here, he uses a certain pickup code for that particular customer and that delivery," says Salomonsson.


Easy-to-use service benefits all parties

The smart solution improves logistics security, as the weighing codes allow drivers to check the correctness of materials and delivery times for customers. Nordkalk's employees have also been satisfied with the well-functioning digital service, whose tangible benefits are clearly visible in daily work. The system is easy to use in the field or from the home office, and in addition, all important documents are conveniently stored in one place, from electronic weighing receipts to transport documents. mScales is already easily used by both external suppliers and the company's own employees.

"It is very easy to enter the scales, as you only weigh a product, weigh the vehicle, enter the facility, load and leave. For that, we have the help of weighing codes that they receive before entering. All drivers so far have said that the system is very simple and user-friendly. I would recommend the mScales system thanks to its simplicity and understanding for all partners", thanks Carl Johan.


Nordkalk supplies the world with lime-based solutions that are essential in various industries, from agriculture to the steel industry. The sustainable solutions from the company, which operates in more than 30 different locations in Europe, help the customer reduce their own environmental impact.