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The invoicing criteria for the older waste loads are based on the number of kilograms weighed in the vehicle scales. “Reliable and correct weighing results, combined with similar waste grades and waste suppliers, are an absolute requirements for the whole waste company’s operations”, says manager Mika Helkearo. Loimi-Häme waste Management Ltd have several vehicle scales supplied by Tamtron Precision Ltd. The first scale has been delivered in 1996 – shortly after the founding of the LHJ.

In order to accelerate weighing transactions, the driver terminals are used for standard suppliers, which allow the driver to identify his vehicle, carry out the weighing independently and finally receive the weighing receipt. Scale positions located in different municipalities replicate the weighings to the server of the Forssa branch, from which data can be reported according to different search factors. The reports can then be delivered to the waste producers and sent the finished weighing to the invoicing system.

The bulk of the waste company’s cash flow is based on the weighing data from the vehicle scales, which is why the scales must operate reliably throughout its life cycle. “Long-term customer relationship and Tamtron Precision’s knowledgeable service, spare part and verification service provide a solid foundation for cooperation. In addition, we have received great program change assistance over the years when waste legislation or reporting have changed“, says Helkearo.

Loimi-Häme waste management Ltd (LHJ) is a regionally operating waste company of 16 municipalities, which is responsible for the disposal of 125 000 inhabitants and 50 000 properties. The company’s headquarters are located in Kiimasuo, Forssa. The company was founded in 1995 and employs approx. 40 people. The main task of the LHJ is to manage the basic waste management services on behalf of the owners, efficiently and environmentally. The company operates on a self-cost basis and the waste management fees cover the costs of waste management services and prepare for aftercare obligations.