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Accurate and real-time weighing information is an essential part of our customers’ daily operations. The weighing information must be reliable, accurate, and be generated as part of the company’s daily processes. With Tamtron’s weighing solutions, you work without interruptions or downtime. 

Tamtron mScales is a turnkey solution to bring industrial weighing to the digital era. mScales enhances the efficiency of industrial weighing operations and the utilisation of weighing data by automating critical weight-based data flows. The secure and modern digital solution is easily scalable to meet your organisation’s changing needs as it operates in the cloud. 


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As a safe and secure cloud-based solution, mScales is future-proof. It connects your weighing systems to a user-friendly digital platform allowing weighing data to be transmitted in real-time to Tamtron mScales, where it can be managed as such, or integrated into the customer’s ERP, TOS, invoicing or other systems. 

Tamtron’s secure solutions support all parties involved in the business. With mScales data reporting and analysis, you can streamline and optimise material flows, production, human resources, fleet utilization, and your company’s processes.  

Reliable and accurate weighing data helps you benefit from faster workflow, more transparent trade and business, and significant cost savings. 

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mScales as truck scale software 


Tamtron mScales truck scale software is a type of software specifically designed to be used with truck scales. Truck scales are used for weighing commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks and trailers. The software collects data from the scale, processes it, and provides the weight information to the user and the rest of the organisation in an easy to comprehend format. 

When operating in a multi-location environment, mScales enables a location-independent center for the management of multiple truck scales and improving data quality, consistency and traceability of the weighing process. With Tamtron’s mScales it is possible to combine the weighing data from truck scales and other scales as well as integrate all weighing data into the company’s other systems.  

There is no need for separate external devices to operate the scale or mScales as the software can be used on any mobile device and standard PC’s. Further, the driver can also create an electronic movement document on his smartphone and the system will transfer the data to the national register of movement documents. 

Tamtron One Scalex mobile truck scale solution is now replaced with the more modern mScales weighing service. 


One solution for collecting data from all your scales  



Tamtron mScales connects all your scales - old and new - into a digital grid that covers all touchpoints from a single weighing transaction to data storage, analysis, and regulation-compliant reporting. When scales automatically send weighing data to the server after weighing, the data is always up-to-date and available when needed also via mobile devices. 

  • All weighing scales connected
  • Mobile and cloud-based platform
  • Fully integrated to ERP
  • Up-to-date data
  • Automating weight-based material flows

Reliable and accurate weighing data streamlines work and processes, improves data transfer and data sharing across the organisation and stakeholders. 

Do you want to know more about Tamtron mScales and how it can support you to operate more efficiently?

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