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Kuljetuspiste Uusimaa started using the mScales weighing service in the spring of 2019. Mr. Joel Hokkala, who serves as the company’s transportation supervisor and is responsible for driving arrangements, tells about the service’s experience: “Compared to the past, automatic weighing makes our daily lives much easier – the driver takes care of the weighing and its acknowledgment independently. It is enough for me to check the report at the invoicing stage, which shows that the weighing has been carried out. I don’t have to enter any data into the system – it’s the most important thing to make my job easier”.

“Driving arrangements are easy – data is easily transferred to the vehicle and each driving jobs are published. The driver gets to the job point, drives onto the scales and that’s it. The vehicle shows a job, the driver drives here to the production unit and on to the scales, logs in and presses the weigh command, goes to tip the load and leaves. An amazingly simple operation”, Mr. Hokkala continues. “Opening the entrance gate is also behind the weighing command codes. If there is a need to go there outside of the office hours, the gate can be opened with a code. It has been really convenient – as there is no need for separate permission card and there is no possibility of misuse”.

A key feature of the mScales is precisely this self-service principle – the driver handles the weighing mobile from the vehicles cab. Especially now in the Corona time, it is good that the driver does not have to leave the vehicle. Additional functions can also be added to the service and the driver can provide additional information.

“I think the service has gone very smoothly. For example, if there has been a wasted pick-up, the press is empty, but for some reason there is an unnecessary order. Then only an image of the occurred situation is taken, stored in the service, and the unnecessary pick-up and its cause are quickly recorded and then simply acknowledged. That have been a good and simple extra help for us – no long explanations are needed when an image is enough to tell of the situation”, Mr. Hokkala praises. “Especially as a mobile, the service has seemed to work really well, because simplicity is always an asset in this job and that’s why everything has been handled in an exemplary manner. There is not a possibility of error and we save time”.

According to Mr. Joel Hokkala, the implementation and guidance of the mScales service has also gone well: “I have not had to contact customer service. Using mScales has been simple, and you can’t get error clicks with the buttons. Even a novice driver can be easily familiarized with its use when there are not too many moving parts”.

“I have been very satisfied – I have felt that the jobs have been handled well. Everything works – just go onto the scale and check the weights, so that’s it. There are a lot of weighing’s daily and in our industry, it is important that things are working efficiently and are uncomplicated,” Mr. Hokkala concludes.

Kuljetuspiste Uusimaa has been operating in the Uusimaa region since 2018, serving companies and organizations in the fields of waste management, recycling, and environmental management. Kuljetuspiste Uusimaa is part of the Encore Environmental Services Group.