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Tamtron Precision and Encore have worked together for a long time. The first scale systems were delivered to the customer in the early 1990s. The mScales weighing service was commissioned in the spring of 2019, and in September the company also introduced a new ERP system.


Vesa Mörsky, Production Manager of Encore Ympäristöpalvelut Oy Southern Finland, talks about cooperation with Tamtron Precision. “Tamtron Precision looks more actively to the future than other operators in the industry. The company’s customer-oriented product development was also seen as a positive factor, ”says Vesa Mörsky. There is a lot of good experience of the cooperation for both Encore and Tamtron Precision.

The company has significantly improved efficiency and productivity with mScales weighing service

In the past, entering data to the system was slow and rigid. Finding of information was also difficult.

The aim of the cooperation project was to increase real-time information and automize the weighing process. Thanks to the mScales weighing service developed by Lahti Precision, the weighing information far from the countryside can be quickly accessed into the system. This also brings visible savings for the company. “We can significantly reduce the number of connections to different locations because the information is now automatically transferred to the systems in use,” he sums up. 

The benefits of mScales are reflected positively in the entire Encore business 

With mScales weighing service, the company has significantly improved efficiency and productivity. In addition to the quick availability of weighing information, the solution has brought other benefits to the Encore Ympäristöpalvelu business. Vesa Mörsky encapsulates: “Logistics gets information faster for transporting products, invoice checking becomes clearer, etc.” Scales play a key role in the transportation of materials. I can warmly recommend Lahti Precision. I am sure that Encore is not the only company that has gained significant business benefits from automation and up-to-date weighing data “, says Vesa Mörsky.


We are developing the weighing service together with our customers

Tamtron Precision experts Olli Norja and Pirkko Viljakainen tell about a successful cooperation project. “Encore used to have two different weighing systems in the past, but with mScales, the company gained a unified system and switched to a more modern weighing service. The amount of equipment in field conditions was also clearly reduced. It’s a real turnkey service”, says Olli Norja, responsible for the implementation of the service.

mScales is a digital weighing service developed by Lahti Precision that integrates scales into business system control into one seamless whole. The service manages the weighing in real-time and provides all the necessary weighing information.

“The delivery also included the modernization of the Encore scales, while allowing remote maintenance and monitoring of the scales. The change requires the client company to get used to it first. We provide support and guidance to the customer to ensure the smooth introduction of the new digital service”, explains Olli. Development work will also continue. The customer’s development ideas are very important: “Weighing service is being developed together with the customer. The cooperation with Encore has gone very well”.

Encore Environmental Services Group includes Encore Ympäristöpalvelut Oy and its subsidiaries Hyötypaperi Oy, Hämeen Kuljetuspiste Oy and Encore Aluepalvelut Oy. The company provides recycling services to its customers with the aim of being an innovator in the circular economy and a provider of intelligent service solutions. Net sales in 2018 was 80.2 million euros and the number of employees was 230.