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Hämeen Kuljetuspiste started to use our mScales weighing service in the spring of 2019. After more than a year of use, we asked Ms. Tiia Taponen, the applicable foreman, about the experience of using the service.

What ways does the mScales weighing service make your daily life easier than before?

“In mScales, it is up to date – I keep getting up-to-date information from there. It’s really flexible because it can be used anywhere and really on any digital device, like a mobile phone or tablet. It is also very easy to use. I can see all the necessary information from there related to the passage of our loads. The information is always very up-to-date and correct. ”

Which of the qualities have you had the most tangible benefit from?

“mScales lives up to date and the information are always up to date. You don’t have to look for them anywhere, the service is always aware of what’s going on. In field conditions, mScales is especially good because it works on any platform. There is no need to think about whether this or that information is included, but you can tell the drivers to use this and look at it or I can look at the information for you quickly.”

One of the features of mScales is the self-service principle, i.e. the driver can handle the weighing by a mobile in the truck cab. It can also be equipped with various additional functions or the driver can provide additional information for the weighing event.

Do you have any practical examples or experiences of how the self-service function has gone for you?

“We have clear weighing, less is needed, and everything will be fine at once.”

Have you noticed anything that should be complained about, close-ups or any long waiting times, for example?

“It hasn’t really come for us as yet, the process works nicely.”

How has the implementation and guidance of the mScales service gone for you and how do you think the cooperation with our customer support has worked?

“I’ve been the administrator at Hämeen Kuljetuspiste for as a long time and I first got a brief from your company. We went through the program with an expert and he told in great detail what can be found anywhere and when the new features came, what will happen to what. The program itself is so clear that here you are able to “adventure” yourself very freely – to explore and create your own ways of doing things. Maybe once I have had to call support, but otherwise the service has worked very well and has made it so easy, that we have got by just fine. There have been no problems and it doesn’t seem like they’re even any upcoming problems with these activities.”

Would you like something new in mScales? Have you received enough information about upcoming news?

“We’ve got enough information – there’s always a message about new features. You are having so many updates that I have not always been able to keep t up with them. I have talked about mScales with drivers – it is also for “made for traditional workers” made very simple – number only in the box and it’s blinking and shows a display. There has also been no feedback from them that it should be clearer, whether a button could be better in another place or if there is something illogical. The order is very logical by the process point of view. I would not change or poke it – keep it simple. MScales is wonderfully simple and vernacular, it doesn’t use any strange terms and hasn’t invented any new names for old things. Everything is easy to understand.”

Do you want to tell us something else about mScales? How has the cooperation with Lahti Precision gone?

“The new mScales weighing program is really easy to use compared to the old ones. The cooperation has gone well and if help is needed, it is easy to get. There have been no technical problems; everything has worked really for sure. I think quality of operation is the best thing here. I do not find anything negative, because we have not encountered any problems. Weighing codes work as they should and the actual weighing works. If an error has been made in the weighing, it can be corrected very simply by a scale operator. The cooperation has worked well.”

The Company Hämeen Kuljetuspiste serves residents, companies and communities in the Päijät-Häme region in the fields of waste management, recycling and environmental management. It is part of the nationwide Encore Environmental Services Group.