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Blog 13.3.2023

Advantages of implementing weight-based material flows

One approach that many companies are adopting these days is weight-based material flow management. Read more

Blog 08.3.2023

Weighbridge software brings benefits to the traditional way of weighing

When a car drives onto the weighbridge, the sensors detect the weight and send this data to the software. Read more

Blog 20.2.2023

Introduction to weight-based material flows

One of the critical components of an efficient supply chain is accurately tracking and managing material flows. Read more

Blog 01.2.2023

Benefits of digitalizing physical weighing receipts

With digital weighing service, you can easily digitalize physical weighing receipts and get several benefits for your business. Read more

Blog 25.8.2022

3 reasons to digitalize your weight-based material flows today

There are several good reasons to automatize your industrial weighing operations and enter the digital era of weight-based material flows with the mScales solution. Here’s our Top Three. Read more


Legacy weighing solutions undermine productivity

Benefits of digital transformation are undeniable. Digital tools and processes enable significantly higher productivity and efficiency, not to mention entirely new products, services, and business models across industries.  Read more