mScales key features

mScales weighing service:

  • Order and contract management, tracking of outcomes
  • Service weighings and self-service weighings
  • Sending pickup codes and receipt codes for use in the supply chain
  • Management of receipts, shipments and internal transfers
  • Flexible event tracking and tracing
  • Environmental, energy, business park, warehousing, production, origin and event reporting and material obsolescence monitoring in accordance with local laws, regulations and certifications
  • Warehouse management, product management, vehicle and transport unit management
  • Acceptance inspections, quality inspections, sampling and analysis
  • Sharing information for billing, the supply chain and customers
  • Flexible and customizable customer-specific process
  • The same mScales also works in the field and on mobile devices
  • The mScales weighing service can be integrated into the control of the ERP / CRM system
  • Scale equipment management, condition monitoring, diagnostics and remote maintenance