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There are several good reasons to automatize your industrial weighing operations and enter the digital era of weight-based material flows with the mScales solution. Here’s our Top Three.

1. It’s so easy with the ready-made solution

The tangible business benefits provided by mScales can be achieved in no time as it typically takes less than a week to have the solution up and running. There is no need to set up a deployment project or customize the existing IT environment. mScales works as a plug-in for ERP and other business systems. The integration is effortless with a range of production-ready APIs.

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2. You are future-proof with mScales

A growing number of regulations pose ever stricter requirements on weighing. Increasing demands on sustainability, safety, and trackability make companies with old weighing systems struggle to keep up with compliance. mScales ensures your ability to comply with the requirements of today and tomorrow. 

The EU Waste Directive, for example, obliges the possessor of waste to generate a movement document of several types of waste, containing a lot of information about the waste. SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) requires that the Verified Gross Mass of the transported overseas cargo must be known. Usually, it is most cost-effective to determine the weight of the dispatched goods already on the production line.

3. A great way to enhance the efficiency

The mScales solution frees up resources from manual recording to higher-value tasks as the number of self-service weighings typically multiplies once deployed. Maintenance costs and production interruptions are typical to aged equipment and will drop significantly with mScales. 

The opportunity to carry out weighing operations as self-service opens up new business opportunities as well. For example, it is possible to set up an independent self-service warehouse by connecting an automated warehouse with a digital weighing system. 

An increase in user satisfaction is an additional benefit. With mScales the driver can handle the vehicle scale weighing with a smartphone – with no need to step out of the comfort of the truck cab. The likelihood of slipping and other work-related accidents is cut to a minimum. 

Get the big picture of why and how to automate your industrial weighing operations by reading our guide “New business benefits with digitalized weight-based material flows”




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